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Republican committee unsure about donation

by Tom Hasslinger
| June 23, 2010 9:00 PM

COEUR d'ALENE - A political committee could help fund the election challenge tied to a non-partisan race.

The Kootenai County Republican Central Committee voted Tuesday to postpone further discussion on whether it should donate $2,500 to seat 2 challenger Jim Brannon's election challenge suit until it has a legal opinion on whether it should do so.

Already the committee is divided on the issue regardless of the verdict from its GOP counsel Jason Risch.

"I feel like it's going to make us look really bad if we come down on one side or the other," said Doug Weir, treasurer. "It's risky business."

The city council race is a non-partisan race. And the $2,500 up for debate was raised at the committee's Lincoln Day fundraiser back in February, proceeds for which are reserved to endorse Republican candidates in either the general or primary elections.

Brannon, also a committee member, is in neither. He is in a seven month legal battle for the seat 2 race with incumbent Mike Kennedy that has a mid-September trial date. And others in the committee are in favor of the donation, saying it would go to upholding the process of fair elections, regardless of party.

An opinion from its counsel, Jason Risch, could be ready in a week.

The discussion, and a possible action, is expected at the committee's next meeting July 27.

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