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RADICALS: Beware their impositions

| June 23, 2010 10:00 PM

TREASON: An attempt to overthrow our democratically elected government.

The radical right demands we elect their candidates or will use violence to impose their values on us.

So, what type of lifestyle do they wish to impose upon us?

* No government regulation of business

* Stop non-white legal immigration

* Reduce women to broodmares

* Ban Harry Potter books from all librarires

* Make unions illegal

* Do away with Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security

* Allow each state to have a tax-supported religion

* Deny governmental jobs to gay Americans

* Allow hate groups to have private armies

* Close down Masonic lodges

* Ban non-Christian religions in USA

* Encourage mob violence against us for questioning them

* Make it a crime to be a communist

* Deny health care insurance to working poor

* Kick kids out of school for not saying pledge of allegiance.

The far right German Nazis did similar actions, just as the far right tea partiers/Aryan Nations/John Birchers/KKK/birthers and deathers will try to impose these actions on us by force.


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