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Bell's compensation could reach $239,472

| June 23, 2010 7:04 AM

North Idaho College trustees will consider renewing President Priscilla Bell's contract when they meet at 6 tonight.

The president's contract is for two years, but it is renewed annually. The proposed contract, if approved, will be effective through June 30, 2012.

There is no proposed hike in Bell's $152,250 annual salary, but there is a proposed $3,500 increase in the contribution to Bell's "supplemental retirement plan." In the prior contract, Bell received $15,000, in addition to her salary, for contribution to a 403(b) which is similar to a private sector employee's 401(k). The proposed contract raises the annual contribution to $18,500.

Bell’s total compensation package is worth $235,972. If the $3,500 additional retirement benefit is approved, her total compensation will be $239,472. A breakdown of what it costs taxpayers is listed below.

The Board of Trustees meeting is open to the public and takes place on campus in the Driftwood Bay Room of the Edminster Student Union Building.

* * *

 North Idaho College           

 Compensation for NIC President           

 Benefits for 2010*           

 Salary            152,250

 Housing Allowance        12,000

 403(b) Stipend & Contribution        15,000

 Medical & Dental Insurance          8,228

 Long-term care policy          7,168

 EAP                     67

 Life Insurance                   106

 Disability Insurance             306

 ORP Retirement Contribution        22,057

 Car Lease                8,699

 Workers Comp. Taxes             896

 Social Security Taxes          6,622

 Medicare Taxes                2,573

*These salary and benefit numbers were provided by NIC in March 2010.

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