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A.M. Briefing: Red tag and a red face

| June 23, 2010 6:30 AM

Even the folks in charge slip up now and then.

Kootenai County red tagged one of its own projects at Carlin Bay earlier this month, said Scott Clark, director of the Building and Planning Department.

After the county Parks and Waterways Department was granted a permit to build a replacement seawall at Carlin Bay, where the county recently purchased property to create a new park, the Building and Planning Department issued a stop work order on the job when a June 3 inspection discovered problems.

The work was tagged for not having construction plans on site, construction without inspections, sediment control problems and the wall being built too high, Clark said.

County Commissioner Todd Tondee said the problems occurred while Parks and Waterways Director Nick Snyder was out of town.

"If Nick had been there, he never would have allowed that," Tondee said.

Clark said the red tag will be lifted when the errors are corrected.

"We try to treat all projects equally," he said. "Certainly the county is subject to our own rules." - Alecia Warren

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