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P.M. Briefing: Akey optimistic; so what's new?

| June 22, 2010 10:30 AM

University of Idaho football coach Robb Akey this morning predicted

the Vandals will go 13-0 this year and become the national champion.

OK, Akey was not really that optimistic, but at an address to about

100 members of the Coeur d'Alene Association of Realtors at The Coeur

d'Alene Resort he said several strong returning team members and

the momentum from last year's season, when they won a dramatic victory

in the Humanitarian Bowl, gives him confidence the team will have

another strong year.

And another bowl game is definitely a goal for the 2010 season. The

final seconds of the Humanitarian Bowl were among the most exciting of

the bowl season, when the Vandals vanquished Bowling Green

43-42 with a two-point conversion with only four

seconds remaining.

"That was a fitting way for the team to end the season," Akey said.

"You know we did that just for TV."

He declined to predict the team record this season, other than

"better," or which bowl game they would be likely to get to.

"Anyone who will have us," Akey said. "They are all good. Hopefully

they will be fighting over us."

Akey is visiting the area this week to hold football camps for

children in grades K-8. - Rick Thomas

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