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Records June 19, 2010

| June 19, 2010 9:00 PM


Richard M. Block and Ione L. Wilson

Edward J. Bartenhagen and Norma N. Morris

Zane L. Labudie and Brenda L. Rupe

Sean D. Herting and Stephine N. Dunlap

Darold S. Seehawer and Star F. Crill

Jacob L. Young and Miranda D. Inman

Alexander R. Piraino and Lindsey J. Fant

Keith E. Wylie and Ann M. Benson

Morgan Dodge and Julianne J. Edwards

Curtis S. Sproul and Krista M. Kunz

Derek I. E. Fraser and Eileen A. Tijerina

Corey S. McGrath and Shaniece M. M. Sperling

Joshua A. Young and Joanna V. Dunn

Jay K. Cordes and Gaylene L. Poulton

Robert R. Valencia and Verna L. Whiteman

Richard D. Green and Leilani L. Haagenson

Cody S. Parson and Alisha M. Engelbrecht

Stacey D. Logan and Christine R. Hafner

Harrison D. Bertsch and Lisa K. Langmade

Brian P. McComb and Marjorie B. Downing

Eric S. Dawson and Misty D. Herron

Craig Berry and Allyson E. Varney

Shaun E. Altman and Alycia M. Malar

Carl W. Nickolauson and Tiffany L. Gannon

Patrick E. Edal and Jaci L. Knutti

Levi D. Knight and Mliss D. Wearne

Christian T. Murdoch and Cassandra M. Kazemba

Christopher S. Nuszkiewicz and Abigail M. Pierard


Spokane Teachers Credit Union v. Baldwin S. Benninghoff et al., was awarded judgment of $10,559.09.

Michael W. McDonald v. Kristyn L. Dice, was awarded judgment of $103,186.

Mountain West Bank v. Rick L. Souza et al., was awarded judgment of $136,008.92.


Judge Lansing Haynes

Gregory Lapin, 23, Coeur d'Alene: One year determinate penitentiary time and four years indeterminate time, penitentiary suspended and two years probation for forgery.

James E. Robinson, 49, Post Falls: Two years determinate penitentiary time and one year indeterminate time, penitentiary suspended and three years probation for possession of a controlled substance.

Michael J. Anderson, 36, Hayden: Three years determinate penitentiary time and three years indeterminate time, penitentiary suspended, $170.50 in fines and three years probation for two counts of driving under the influence.

Judge Scott Wayman

Lucas D. Dana, 20, Priest River: 60 days in jail with credit for time served, work release and $750 in fines for probation violation.

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