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JORGENSON: Gone because he lost touch

| June 18, 2010 10:00 PM

Senator Jorgenson wants to be sure we have “the rest of the story”. It is really unusual for a defeated candidate to take so much space to explain to the voters why he lost. Most just go off and lick their wounds and determine to work harder next time. I know because I have worked very hard and lost three times.

There is only one real reason why Senator Jorgenson lost the primary and that is because he lost touch with the voters.  He somehow assumed that because he was good friends with the Governor, a very popular governor, that that would carry him through the election.  But, that was not necessarily so.

I saw the turning point a couple of years ago when he pushed for contractor registration, a bill we had successfully opposed for over ten years.  That bill was very poorly crafted, has done very little to stop fraud, has increased the amount of work being done without a permit, made it more difficult for a new man to enter the trade, and raised the cost of every project by at least ten percent.

Last year he supported the bill to license midwives.  Certification of midwives on a voluntary basis is a good thing, but the people simply do not want more restrictions on who they can use for a midwife.

Not long before the election Senator Jorgenson was speaking at North Idaho Pachyderm.  He was talking about illegal immigration and comparing a bill he had crafted to one crafted by Representative Phil Hart.  Without Representative Hart being there he “ran him down” in front of his friends and in a manner that was very unprofessional.  He asked me to defend Representative Hart’s bill, but I could not do so as I had not read it.

Senator Jorgenson says that he has sponsored more than 100 bills, most of which became law.  Ordinarily that would be a good thing, but in today’s economy almost every bill has a cost attached, and people are tired of spending more on government.  He was right to support highways; an important operation of the state, but he should have found some other place to make cuts to balance the budget.  He talks about education funding as though spending more on education always equates to better education.  In fact it is evident that the more money spent on education the lower the achievement.

People are simply tired of their government telling them what is best for them.  When someone came along who appealed to their sense of what they knew to be right they voted for him.  Will the new senator fall into the same trap?  Maybe, but it is our responsibility to keep him honest.

Senator Jorgenson lost the primary simply because he lost touch with the voters. Comments:


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