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CROPS: Voter says Risch is clueless

| June 18, 2010 10:00 PM

To Sen. Jim Risch: Your answer to my email asking for your help in encouraging the USDA to maintain the ban on genetically engineered alfalfa was, “Genetically engineered foods are a rapidly growing industry that has the potential to alleviate food security concern across the globe.” Sounds like an approval.

Apparently you’ve done no research on what genetically engineered crops have already done: killed monarch butterflies, buffalo, and other animals, as well as lowered animal live birth rates with the chemicals showing up in our water, babies, etc. And we wonder why the increase in medical problems such as autism, autoimmune diseases, and why bees and bats are dying, etc.

I’ve had many animals over my 65 years and not until now, in the last few years, have I ever had dogs and cats with autoimmune disease, a horse die of cancer. I have a daughter who suddenly at two and half became autistic 44 years ago, then one in 500,000 — now one in 110. So many unexplained illnesses around me: coworkers, family, etc.

Scientists, biologists, and researchers are finding dangerous influences of such genetically engineered crops, but our government officials aren’t listening. I work with 300-plus people and I will make sure that I am loud enough to be heard and by as many others as I can reach.

I am extremely disappointed in you, and in myself that I voted for you. And you can be sure I will never make that mistake again.

Some of the countries you spoke of have recently prohibited new genetically engineered crops after the results they found with the ones brought into their countries.

You as a representative “of the people” need to know completely what you are voting for, and not by listening to those representing Monsanto, in this case. Or the companies involved in other cases, but by following the research of those trained to investigate the results of such products.

Recently PBS had an investigative movie concerning this very subject and has received a lot of network audience attention. As a retired mortician with an additional degree in science I can state with more than the usual knowledge and understanding that we need to listen to the investigators before we contaminate our whole planet, destroy the immune systems of all life - insects such as honey bees, wildlife, etc. - as well as ourselves, so that monopolies such as Monsanto, which is being investigated as such, can become rich, taking away our right to natural seeds and foods and leaving us with their poisons, illness, and death.



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