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Changes coming in raccoon management

| June 17, 2010 9:00 PM

Two new laws affecting raccoons and wildlife causing damage were passed by the 2010 Legislature, approved by the governor and take effect July 1.

Raccoons will be reclassified as predatory wildlife, which will allow raccoons to be taken recreationally in any number and at any time and manner not prohibited by other state or federal law. An Idaho hunting or trapping license is required to take raccoons.

Raccoons remain classified as furbearers until July 1.

Raccoon hunting regulations set no bag limits. The new status will also allow raccoons to be collected live from the wild and kept in captivity if consistent with local government regulations.

The new rules will continue to allow raccoons to be hunted at night with an artificial light without a permit from Fish and Game. But this rule is specific only to raccoons and does not apply to other animals classified as predatory or unprotected.

Hunting raccoons from a motorized vehicle is prohibited and the light may not be attached to any motorized vehicle. Anyone who wants to hunt raccoons on private land at night using artificial lights must obtain written permission from the landowner or lessee.

Contact Fish and Game for more detail about the night-time hunting rules for other predatory and unprotected wildlife.

The law affecting wildlife captured for causing damage will change July 1.

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