Thursday, February 02, 2023

FLAGS: Who gets a pass, and why

| June 16, 2010 10:00 PM

Concerning "Old Glory." I was impressed with Ms. Sorenson's advice and knowledge of how our flag is to be presented and displayed. I agree with everything she said. But there are some exceptions.

I am a grateful United States Marine and have had the honor of doing the colors ceremony and personally handing the folded flag to a loved one at the veteran’s funeral. So I do know the basic protocol. Yes, a flag should be lighted at night, but I have mine close to my porch light. That qualifies. It can be extremly dangerous to change the flag to a STORM FLAG. This should only be done by trained military personnel or others of responsibility.

Also there are many handicapped patriots who just can't perform all these protocol functions. I'm sure the Founders would give them a pass.

I just put up over 20 USMC and OLD GLORY flags and they will stay up 24/7 through July 4th. That is my tribute to the 26,000 casualties at Iwo Jima. I think I will get a pass from them also. I do believe that you are a TRUE PATRIOT Carol, as I can read that your words come from your heart. Flags should be replaced as you mentioned if they become worn and faded. But two more very important things to consider; never let the flag touch the ground, and the flag can only be retired by fire. Happy and safe 4th.



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