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Time for goodbye

| June 13, 2010 9:00 PM

Over the last few weeks I have mentioned that I now have three in college and my youngest knocking on that door to his future. This particular challenge, coupled with the state of the economy, has necessitated my taking a job that will take me out of the United States. Taking this job will mean I can no longer continue writing my column, so this is goodbye. At least for a while...

It has been my honor and pleasure to write this column for the last few years, I have enjoyed bringing up topics that start family and community discussion. I hope I have elevated that conversation by seeking out solid research and outside expert opinion to bear.

I care about the communities I have been privileged to live in and continue to have many valued friendships in each of them.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to have served my friends and neighbors and hope I have served you all well even when we disagreed. I will continue to be your servant and answer e-mail, and I will continue to point those who need assistance to that expert help.

Allow me to close by thanking Mike Patrick, The Press and you the reader, for giving me a singular gift. The honor of being your servant.

Mark Altman is a speaker and leadership consultant with the Altman Leadership Center. He is an international speaker with two books and a DVD that can be purchased on He can be reached at

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