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TIMBERLAKE: Board should be replaced

| June 13, 2010 10:00 PM

To the three Timberlake Board of Commissioners, (Rudebaugh, Fish, and Quillin) that voted to terminate Chief Krill of Timberlake Fire, I am very troubled with your complete lack of direction. You are a disgrace. 

Chief Krill has accomplished more for this department in the last two years than the last 10 years combined.  He has improved morale, increased volunteer numbers and stands up for the safety of firefighters, and safety in the community.  He spent months of his own time preparing a comprehensive analysis of Timberlake Fire District for nothing.

You have without a doubt put the taxpayers of this fire district in harm’s way! Dropping our level of service so that you can “consider” a management contract? Are you high? Proof positive you do not, in fact, need to be able to construct a logical thought process to run for public office.  You just need a big chip on your shoulder.

Volunteers, the very backbone of our district, have quit including paid staff and a commissioner because of your arrogant ways. Whatever happened with managing your employees for success?

As a taxpayer I am disappointed with this decision and more importantly the timing of it. There is nothing in place for a merger with Northern Lakes Fire, now our district is without a chief and no direct guidance from anyone who knows the fire service.

You are pathetic and the taxpayers should be asking for your resignation!



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