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SPILL: Blame it on Obama

| June 13, 2010 10:00 PM

The Deepwater Horizon oil disaster sets squarely on the shoulders of the Obama administration.  Though the site was leased to BP during the end of the Bush administration the approval of the drilling plan and all of its emergency contingencies was done by the Obama administration.  Professional reviews of those plans have found them to be severely lacking.  In the plan British Petroleum claimed an spill much larger than the real one could be readily managed resulting in no ecological damage whatsoever.  The plan claimed that a deep water oil leak could be easily remedied.  The Obama administration accepted the plans and authorized the drilling to proceed.  The Deepwater Horizon rig started drilling in Feb of 2010 and on April 20th suffered a catastrophic explosion and failure resulting the worst oil leak in history.  This saga is still unfolding and its environmental impact is extremely ominous.

During his campaign Obama expressed serious concerns about deep water oil drilling and Deepwater Horizon was the deepest of any in the Gulf of Mexico. Yet it was Obama's chosen people who approved the project with very inadequate investigation into its proposed safety and operation.  Ironically Obama had been the recipient of significant campaign donations from this company. In the 2008 presidential election then candidate Obama accepted $71,000 from British Petroleum. It is clear now that Deepwater Horizon should never have been greenlighted in the 1st place.  This is more than Obama's Katrina because Bush had no command over the weather and owed it no political favors.  Obama cannot say that about British Petroleum and Deepwater Horizon.  For a supposed environmentalist his actions were stunningly irresponsible.  They will have a permanent impact on our planet.


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