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FAR RIGHT: And over the cliff

| June 9, 2010 10:00 PM

This letter is in Response to David Coppom's 6/5/10 Opinion in "My Turn" criticizing The CDA Press's editorial "Principles Yes, Partisanship no".

     I enjoyed both of these articles.  First, I would like to state that any mention against recent GOP behavior is about as popular in Kootenai County as being smart in school.  You might be better off pretending to be stupid so you won't get beat up on the playground.

     That aside, I think Mr. Coppom misunderstood what the editorial staff was trying to convey.  Simply stated, the historical issues presented were proposed by Democratic Presidents, and eventually supported by Republicans.  This was attributed to free thought.

     In sharp contrast, the present GOP is in a 100% lockstep defiance against ANYTHING this Democratic President endorses, even before he actually endorses it.  This abnormal behavior suggests a hateful dictatorship, and certainly not a respectable party that supposedly represents its diverse constituents by a willingness to compramise for mutual benefit.

     Mr. Coppom, the article was simply trying to suggest that candidates represent their constituents (you), because they want to, not because they have to.

     The unprecedented use of the fillibuster by the GOP is yet another indicator that something is dearly wrong, and way out of the ordinary. Controversial issues in the past were handled far more respectfully.

      Decades of corruption, and treachery from both parties have left us at the end of a long road of abuse. Ironically, Mr Coppom demonstrates quite accurately the truth in the Press's editorial despite his attempt to bash it.  Undoubtedly, Mr. Coppom, like the GOP, has decided that they are beyond fault, or reproach, and any suggestion or notion to the contrary will not be tolerated.

     President Obama inherited a nation destroyed by 8 years of GOP leadership, and their unending endorsement of Corporate avarice.  If the surplus that Clinton left was fuzzy math, I assure you Bush would have passed on the favor to President Obama.  Instead, he left a political party that exists only to insure that our new president fails at any attempt to fix what they broke, and behave as a blood clot to any artery leading to an economic recovery.  The CDA Press editorial exposed this very eloquently.

     Until we bring our jobs back from China, stop lobbyists from corrupting our elected officials, bring Corporate America back down to earth with the rest of us, and restore the Middle Class, we will continue on our present course of destruction.  When the middle class has no jobs or money to spend, nothing gets bought, and we get what we got!


Coeur d’Alene

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