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WOLVES: Here's what I love most

| June 7, 2010 10:15 AM

Thanks for giving Dr. Fischman of NIWA the opportunity to set the record straight on Jim Beers of USFW (retired, thank goodness) article of May 27, “Wolving of America.” I was ready to hide the children, put the domestic cousins of Mr. Wolfie in the basement and set “old Bessie” at the front door. My science background is nowhere near as extensive as Dr. Fischman’s, but I am a retired RN with several classes of microbiology, chemistry, organic chemistry, etc., and almost fell over laughing at Jim Beers’ hysterical and incorrect statements.

I recently spent several days in Yellowstone National Park and did not have one conversation in the negative regarding the wolf, be it Canadian or American, with any Park Ranger, biologist or docent. The ecosystem of Yellowstone is thriving and healthier than ever according to all of the experts in Yellowstone. Eco dollars are flowing in (last year $35 million in wolf tours), the beavers are back and thriving, and the herds of elk, deer, buffalo, moose are plentiful and thriving as well. All this because the wolf is back and doing his job as mother nature intended.

Caveat to the general public: Be more afraid of the drug dealer and buyers in your neighborhood, drunks on the road, rabid hunters with big guns who will shoot anything that moves in the woods and that includes the two-legged types, Obama health care, smokers and drinkers of excess, etc.             Lastly to the general public, please take a few minutes, surf the Internet and educate yourself on the necessity and importance of this magnificent creature for a healthy ecosystem. It’s a win-win for all, including the hunters.


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