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SECURITY: It's actually IOUs

| December 26, 2010 7:12 AM

I sincerely hope there is not an adult person living in the United States who is so naïve or uninformed as to believe that there are actually billions of dollars in the Social Security fund.

The fund is full of I.O.U.s from our Congress that represent the theft of money that has occurred since the start of the "trust fund." Trust is a word that can't be used in conjunction with Social Security. Congress states they know how to best spend our money and therefore do not owe us an explanation why our money has been stolen on a regular basis. Stolen is the proper word because Congress now tells us the "trust fund" will be broke within a few years. A program that takes our money without any choice of ours and spends it on programs never identified or related to covenants of the Social Security Program as written more than 60 years ago.

Congress says their I.O.Us are as good as gold because they come from the United States Government, tell that to our creditors who are getting seriously concerned we can't pay them back and wonder about a government that lies to their own people.

There is no actual cash in the fund, Congress finds it way to easy to "borrow" the money and it is now taken out of the fund as it is deposited. Had the actual cash taken from our paychecks been left in the fund over the years, even at a nominal rate of interest, Social Security would not be in the trouble it is in. There is no way Congress can replace the money, it a worthless paper trail with seemingly no Congressional conscience about the biggest lie in American History.


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