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TRUTH: Find its foundation

| December 24, 2010 3:28 AM

In his column titled, "The Truth, the whole truth ..." dated Nov. 28, Timothy Hunt questioned the practice of believing the doctrine of inerrancy of the Bible because the Bible itself says it is inerrant. While the article was interesting and raised some thought provoking questions, the comparison of interpreting the Constitution to prove a point with the inerrancy of the Bible is a stretch.

There must be a foundation for truth. God said, "I am Truth." It is stated in his inerrant Word that His Word is Truth. He, God, created us and gave us His truth to guide and to protect us from self-destruction. Not only do we have His Truth written in His Word, the Bible, He has also etched His truths in our consciences. This same God has given us the freedom to choose to believe and practice His principles or reject them.

Mr. Hunt began his column by saying, "There has been a lot of squawking from anti-abortion advocates about the legal basis of Roe V. Wade." Some of us verbalize our thoughts on the abortion issue. However, we speak from a moral position instead of a legal perspective. In order for a person to justify the superiority of the legal perspective over doing what is morally right one would have to bury his conscience in the center of the Earth.

Even then our consciences have a way of resurfacing by way of guilt and depression. You ask me how I know this. As a counselor I have counseled with several hundred women and girls who have had an abortion. They all live with guilt and wish the could retrace their steps and handle the pregnancy differently.

Most supporters of abortion believe it is murder to kill a natural born baby outside the womb, yet somehow they have violated their own conscience and have convinced themselves that it is OK to kill a baby inside the womb by calling it freedom of choice. Truth of the matter is, the baby has no choice and the mother has lost the freedom to choose a free conscience.

Let me emphasize again that we all have the freedom to make choices, but all choices do not have equal value. Choices pertaining to moral are either right or wrong. Murder ( the killing for selfish reasons) is always wrong whether it be inside the womb or outside the womb.

If there is no absolute foundational truth and every person is free to choose his own truth the result would be anarchy. God's Truth, if we embrace and practice it by making right moral choices, will set us free, John 8:32.

Speaking of babies, let's be reminded during this Christmas season of the most important birth in history, the birth of our savior, the Christ child who was God incarnate in Jesus Christ.

We have all violated our own consciences. We have ignored God's principles and have broken God's moral laws. Yet through the sacrifice of His Son we can experience a free conscience by humbly our selfish will and asking God for forgiveness.

Merry Christmas!


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