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Mom, daughter plead guilty after store scuffle

by Mike Weland
| December 24, 2010 8:00 PM

A mom and her daughter pleaded guilty last week to charges of battery on a peace officer, a felony, after a September scuffle with two city police officers at Huckleberry Variety in downtown Bonners Ferry.

Andrea D. Shayen, 31 of Federal Way, Wash., was sentenced to two years in prison, determinate, and four years, indeterminate, with jurisdiction retained, meaning she'll spend up to one year in the correctional facility in Cottonwood before returning to court with the possibility of being placed on parole.

Shayen later assaulted two fellow inmates at the Boundary County Jail and pled guilty to an additional count of battery.

Her mother, Irene F. Shayen, 55, Bonners Ferry, entered an Alford plea to a charge of battery, and will be sentenced Feb. 11.

According to statements by store employees, the two had a history of suspicious behavior for more than two months, often attempting to return items with no receipt.

The two were also suspected of shoplifting.

On Sept. 18, the two entered the store shortly before closing and Irene attempted again to return an item without a receipt, a towel valued at $1.49.

When owner Darlene Boling tried to explain that a receipt was required, both women started screaming and cursing, prompting Boling to ask them to leave.

When they refused, she called police, and Bonners Ferry Police Chief Rick Alonzo and officer Don Moore arrived moments later.

When they asked the women to leave, Irene remained belligerent, telling Moore that the store had no right to refuse their business. While she was arguing with Moore, she grabbed the towel off the counter and threw it at Boling, hitting her in the face. Instead of getting a polite escort out of the store, Moore informed her that she was under arrest for assault.

While Irene struggled to avoid being handcuffed, Andrea Shayen attacked Moore, prompting Alonzo to step in to restrain her.

Screaming wildly, the two kicked and scratched both officers before being taken to the ground and restrained, leaving bleeding scratches on Alonzo's arms and Moore's neck and wrist.

"This is a case where someone acted in an outrageous manner that caused great fear in citizens going about their normal work day, for no other reason than to try to buffalo the store owner and staff," said Boundary County Prosecutor Jack Douglas.

"Their behavior was completely unacceptable, and as a result, two police officers were injured. And once in custody, Andrea Shayen continued to misbehave, assaulting two inmates, which led to additional charges that she was prosecuted for."

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