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LEACH: Sue clue to success

| December 24, 2010 3:27 AM

Scottish author James M. Barrie once said, "Every man who is high up loves to think that he has done it all himself; and the wife smiles, and lets it go at that."

The best part of my job is the opportunity to meet and work with many truly extraordinary individuals that have, in some degree, had an impact on me both professionally and personally. Kootenai County Undersheriff Tad Leach is one of those individuals I have come to respect and admire; and so to his wife Sue I say, thank you! Tad knows that you are the reason for his successes in an often thankless profession. Those successes have made a difference in this community in ways I'm sure we will never quite fully appreciate. As "retirement" nears, may God bless you both as you enjoy many more happy years together in the new adventures to come.


City Administrator

City of Hayden

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