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Youth Sports, Dec. 22, 2010

| December 22, 2010 8:00 PM




Pita Pit - Orion Cohen and Jacob Howlett 2. Hagadone Directories - Jared Hoffman and Paul Wineinger 6, Brennen Crawford and Dawson Gilbert 4, Matias Crespo 2.


Waste Management - Bennett Cunningham 11, Orion Wagner 4, Jackson Bronsell and Kaiden Harris 2. Knudtsen Chevrolet - Luke Hay and Mickey Howard 4, Jack DuCoeur 3, Christian Cheyne 2. Arbor Pro Lawn & Tree Care - Brock Mills 7, Luke SImisky 2. Interstate Office Supply - Cody Davenport 7, Dylan Bengtson and Braden Mead 4, Jacob Self 2.


Treescapes - Hunter Schaffer 4 and Benji White 2. English Funeral Chapels - Chandler Johnson 7, Daniel Krick 4, Jace Younker, Elliott Young, Joe Oliveria, and Logan Hendron 2, Carson Conery 1. Yates Funeral Chapels - Hunter Morgan 12, Brady Whitmore 3. Avalanche Insurance Agency - Sam Buckland 8, Quinton Gonzales, Austin Widener, Matt Goggin, Mike Cheyne 2. Big Bear Landscaping - Colvin Dunteman and Chance Mueller 7, Talon Hayes 4, Jared Johnson and Tyler Mueller 2. Thorco - Caleb McLuskie 4, Christian Yake-Peterson 2.


Integrated Personnel - Taran High 14, Dawson Schramm 4, Jakob Swing and Anthony Olvera 2. Ironman CDA - Alec Baughman 9, Christian Howard 7, William McElever 4, Keegan Spilker 3. Grace Tree Service - Shawn Haskin 17, Kevin Haskin 8, Tim Narolski 5, Chase Durbin 4, Konar Skindlov 3 and Chase Mitchell 2. Cd'A Press - Dylan Shaffer 13, Andrew Schaefer 7, Avery Satterlee 4, Joseph Cousins 3. Grace Tree Service - Shawn Haskin 10, Kevin Haskin and Tim Narolski 4, Chase Mitchell and Brock Tanya, Sean Chilson 2, Joey Jeske 1. Ironman CDA - Christian Howard 11, Alec Baughman 6, William McElver 2. Integrated Personnel - Tarah High 14, Anthony Olvera 9, Jakob Swing 8, Liam Romasko 2. Cd'A Press - Dylan Shaffer 20, Omar Tippetts 6, Nate Sakwi and CJ Morris 4, Zac Hollen 2.


American Mower & Saw - Mitchell Kamphaus 9, Clayton Carter 8, Blake Lanque 6, Matthew Priebe 3. Tri-State Consulting Engineers - Jordan Spooner and Myles Mahaffey 12, Connor Newby 9, Eric Siebert 8, Spencer Syrcle and Jacob Miller 4, Austin Quant 3. Fort Ground - Parker Gabrielson 10, Chase Sanchez and Hayden Spivey 9, Danny Schramm 8, Jackson Miller 3. American Mower & Saw - Mitchell Kamphaus 8, Blake Langue 6, Riley Schaffer 3, Gabe Johnson, Taylor Bethke, and Clayton Carter 2. Tri-State consulting Engineers - Jordan Spooner and Connor Newby 16, Myles Mahaffey 12, Jacob Miller 10, Austin Quant 7.


Pita Pit - Carson Cook 18, Reece Mahaffey 8, Brennan Kane 6, Josh Clark and Bruce Shipley 5 and Parker Wilson 3. McDonalds - Garrett Johnson 13, Colton Davis 10, Joshua Webb and Caden Robertson 5, Preston Stephens 3, Marcus Ross and Harris Wester 2. Kootenai Electric - Graham Thompson 8, Colton Burrows 7, Justin Johnson 4, Camden Doering 2. English Funeral Chapels - Nathan Syrcle 11, Ray Buley 9, Tanner Doerr 6, Wyatt Nelson and Dylan Latting 5, Brandon Penney 3, Jade Kolenda 2.


Eversons Jewelry - Emma Bohl 8, Madyson Umphenour 4, Lauren Rod 2. Specialty Tree Service - Megan Simmons 4. Panhandle State Bank - Haley Hogan 6, Brena Adams 2. Solar Eclipse - Shaundra Russell and Elisa Sherwood 2.


Heart Clinics Northwets - Haley Brostrom 6, Rhiannon Upmeyer 4, Kailey Baughman and Olivia Veare and Marisa Butler 2, Sarah Carey 1. North Idaho Physical Therapy - Kaylee Martin 8, Breanna Costa 4, Ashley Wixom and Kylie Boller 2. Cannon Hill Industries - Nina Judd 5, Morgan Hughes 1. Mission Investment Fund - Hailee Siron 4, Mica Riendeau and Taylor Deming 2. North Idaho Physical Therapy - Breanna Costa 3, Kaylee Martin 2, Ashley Wixom 1. Mission Investment Fund - Hailee Siron 10, Mica Riendeau 8, Haley Nelson 2.


Pita Pit - Isis Rich 4 and Aubrey Payne 2. Polin & Young Construction - Kelly Ruebke, Kasey Thomas, Emma McCormick 4, Mae Alexander, Kelly Thomas, Katelyn Bronsell 2. Eversons Jewelry - Mili Atkins and Taytem Wolfe 6, Morgan Linder 4, Kelsey Borrowman and Sara Tobin 2. North Idaho College - Taryn Horvath 14, Rebekah Zufelt 6, Hannah Pack 4, Abagail Horvath and Abby Arthur 2. Eversons Jewelry - Sara Tobin 10, Taytem Wolfe 8, Mili Atkins 6, Emma Ployhar and Isabel Hinkle 4, Morgan Linder 2. Polin & Young Construction - Mae Alexander 12, Kelly Ruebke 4, Katelyn Bronsell and Emma McCormick 2.



Dec. 18

Boys Scores

Legends Sports Photography 6 - Dickinson Insurance 27

(LSP) Ben Zubaly 4pts, Scott Hutchinson 2pts

(DI) James Kelly 2pts, Wyatt Dickinson 4pts, Bailey Brodwater 4pts, Sheldon Kistler 8pts, Caleb Dietz 3pts, Skyler Allen 6pts

McDonalds 7 - Rathdrum Parks and Rec 17

(MCD) Colton Aragon 3pts, JJ South 4pts

(RPR) Justin Dennison 4pts, Cameron Calabretto 4pts, Travis Derrick 8pts, Max Arno

Taylor Made Landscaping 20 - T-Shirt Boy 2

(TML) Carter Williams 4pts, Jaret Taylor 8pts, Cabe Misita 2pts, Jensen Dolan 4pts, Chase Russell 2pts

(TSB) CJ Moore 2pts

Defensive Edge 8 - AMC Express 20

(DE) Riley Lewis, Mason Davis

(AMC) JT Wilfong 6pts, Dawson Cramer 8pts, Chase Gordom 2pts, Denton Meijerink 2pts, Nicholas Probst 2pts

Girls Scores

Lakeland Family Dental 19 - JBE Hawks 7

(LFD) Emily Grove 4pts, Alice Borg 1pt, Alaina Pruitt 6pts, Keely DeVore 6pts, Taten Gorton 2pts

(JBE) Keely Briske 1pt, Jasmine Henry 4pts, Drew Lance 2pts

Sign Service 8 - The UPS Store Post Falls 4

(SS) Shae Zeimantz 2pts, Zoe Potter 6pts

(TUPS) Hailey Tingey 4pts

Honey Bucket 8 - Scott's Garage 6

(HB) Baylee Hatcher 1pt, Summer Powell 5pts, Raquel O'Meara 2pts

(SG) Lindsey Meyer 2pts, Hannah Kennedy 4pts

One on One Fitness 16 - Country Log Furniture 7

(OOF) Emily Bronson 2pts, Karrissa Willis 4pts, Payton Kronenberg 8pts, Rebecca Malloy 2pts

(CLF) Georgina Simpson 1pt, Ashlynn Allen 6pts



Dec. 18

K-1st Grade

American Fence Company Brown: Cooper Horton- 4 pts, Ryan Ramsay-6 pts

American Fence Company Royal: Cameren Cope-8 pts, Caden Diamond-2 pts, Andrew Stockham-12 pts

Fred's Plumbing Light Blue: NO STATS AVAILABLE

Fred's Plumbing Maroon: Brodie Beebe-2 pts, Gage Pleas-12 pts, Grayson Sylte-14 pts

Hayden Vision Source Forest: Molly Cox-2 pts, Kierra Grigg-2 pts

Hayden Vision Source Yellow: Colin Cherny-12 pts, Ross Lindhorst-4 pts, Connor Norris-12 pts

Liquidation Auto Group Grey: Quinton Duce-2 pts, Rand Worman-2 pts

Liquidation Auto Group Navy: Brady Cronister-2 pts, Cade Prado-4 pts

Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry Kelly: Steven Ball-6 pts, Carson Costello-2 pts, Kobe Miller-4 pts

Nipp Insurance Red: Alexander Nipp-6 pts, Madison Symons-6 pts

Pinnacle Physical Therapy Black: Brayden Bengtson-20 pts, Mason Groth-2 pts

Pinnacle Physical Therapy White: Sean Karney-10 pts, Taleya Jones-2 pts; Shane Neirinckx-6 pts, Logan Robillard-4 pts

2nd Grade

Dr. Dance Dentistry for Kids Blue: Andrew Averett-6 pts, Cooper Larson-10 pts

Dr. Dance Dentistry for Kids White: Jacob Donavan-4 pts, Grace Gwin-8 pts, Dylan Lovett-4 pts

Idaho Hand & Upper Extrimity Therapy Forest: Logan Cessna-18 pts, Jared Melton-2 pts, Grant O'Brien-6 pts, Isaak Wenner-14 pts

Idaho Hand & Upper Extrimity Therapy Royal: Brayden Booth-6 pts, Kyler Haynes-10 pts, Erin McPhee-2 pts, Kianna Nelson-4 pts, Christopher Swider-10 pts, Sam Veare-2 pts

Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry Kelly: Melissa Cogley-2 pts, Brenna Hawkins-2 pts, Justice Leonard-Rowland-20 pts, Brad Passick-2 pts

Nipp Insurace Navy: Macalister Severns-4 pts, Sarah Wilkey-2 pts, Tori Younker-8 pts

Noodle Express Black: Darren Bailey-8 pts, Dillon Cayko-14 pts; Nick Giordanella-10 pts, Kate Phillips-2 pts, Jace Singer-2 pts

Noodle Express Red: Marcus Butler-6 pts, Kendall Pickford-2 pts, Phoebe Schultze-2 pts, Owen Smith-20 pts


Hornets in Slammer: The North Idaho Hornets fourth-grade girls basketball team played in the AAU Santa Slammer last weekend in Spokane.

The Hornets beat Hot Shots 24-7. Sydnee Rud had 12 points, five rebounds and 12 steals. Hannah Riske had six points, six rebounds and five steals, Eryn Ducote had four points and eight rebounds and Havalah Scott had four rebounds.

The Hornets lost to the Cats 27-15. Sydnee Rud had nine points, three rebounds and seven steals, Hannah Riske had six points and 11 rebounds and Natalie Sell had nine rebounds.

The Hornets lost to Lady Knights 23-10. Hannah Riske had 10 points, nine rebounds and six steals.

The Hornets lost to the Dawgs 31-18. Hannah Riske had seven points and five steals, Sydnee Rud had six points and six steals, Lexi Medina had six rebounds, Natalie Sell had eight rebounds and Cambree McCullough had nine rebounds and five steals.


River City Lanes

Dec. 18


HIGH GAMES - Tyler Orth 213, Paul Best 202.

HIGH SERIES - Tyler Orth 544, Paul Best 452.

HIGH GAMES - Nikole Wadman 179, Kelly McCartney 160.

HIGH SERIES - Kelly McCartney 463, Nikole Wadman 378.

HIGH GAMES - Carson Lamastus 119, Brandon Shaw 112.

HIGH SERIES - Brandon Shaw 317, Dylan Sears 311.


HIGH GAMES - Holden Lamastus 102, Cassidy Peacock 95.

HIGH SERIES - Holden Lamastus 184, Cassidy Peacock 172.

HIGH GAMES - Tannis Iversen 93, Amanda Joseph 56.

HIGH SERIES - Tannis Iversen 142, Veronica Peacock 81.

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