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Tad Leach is headed to the beach

| December 20, 2010 4:47 AM

OK, I can't say for certain he's going to the beach right away. I do know that Tad, undersheriff for Kootenai County, announced to everyone in the sheriff's department this morning that he's retiring on April 20. Between now and then he's got a lot of vacation time to use up. If you don't know Tad you've missed out on a superlative human being. If there's an upside to Tad's retirement - in addition to his earning much more time with Sue, his bride of almost 45 years, kids and grandkids - it's that Travis Chaney will take his place as undersheriff. Like Tad, Travis is about as good as it gets. We'll tell you more about both of these fine men in tomorrow's print editions of The Press. - Mike Patrick

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