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ADIOS: Instructor thanks many friends

| December 19, 2010 9:00 PM

Past readership surveys of mid-size town daily newspapers show the items most read are the obituaries. Second in readership are short letters to the editor. Since I prefer not to see my name in the first-read items at this time, I'll lean to the second.

Last Sunday The Press printed a wonderful, sensitive letter from a former student. And similar stories were told at my retirement party that day. It was a terrific event with terrific people - students, friends, colleagues, family. I wish so much to thank everyone for being there and for their thoughtful cards, gifts and hugs. I'm sorry I wasn't able to pay each person individual attention.

And I want to thank the folks at The Press who have been so helpful with the NIC students for producing the print issues of The Sentinel. My editors would be advised ahead of time if any pages could use adjustments before printing, the papers were always ready the next morning, and the price was always fair. What always was most rewarding was the positive attitude.

Thanks for a fantastic 25-plus years.


NIC Journalism instructor/adviser

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