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More GOP welfare for the wealthy

by Jimmy Pappas
| December 17, 2010 8:00 PM

According to a recent opinion, some 1,000 Democrats were removed from power during the recent election. This was so wonderful to this Republican, that she needed to write and celebrate. It is ironic that she celebrated yet another chapter of our Nation's demise. However, I will admit, the Dems did deserve it. Five million industrial jobs were removed from America during the Republican Golden Age (8 years of GWB). This treason was rewarded by giving these Corporations tax breaks, incentives and royalties, in addition to the fruits of slave labor. These corporations then sell us back their goods from countries like China, and we then pay tax on their goods. These millionaires and billionaires were then given an additional Bush Tax Cut for the Wealthy, which added yet another $700 billion unfunded debt to our grandchildren, which was added directly upon the enormous debt already forwarded to future generations from Corporate welfare such as companies like Exxon who paid no Federal taxes here, and in fact got a $150 million refund! That means you and I who do pay taxes paid Exxon not to pay theirs!

Apparently, the Tea Party (Taxed Enough Already) was letting their bags sleep or got caught offguard while reloading for Sarah (liar, loser, quitter) Palin, or contributing to her cause so that she could reload her bank accounts. The Republicans defeated a bill in the Senate that would give American Corporations incentives to stay in America instead of incentives to leave. One of some 400 bills that lie dead in the Senate at the hands of some 43 GOP Senate hijackers who have held the nation hostage and turned our Senate into a rendering plant.

These Senate GOP hijackers have blocked every bill to help the unemployed, the 9/11 responders who have become ill, small businesses, and every reform unless the top 2 percent get their Bush Tax break, and our Corporations are able to continue doing what they have done to ruin America. These so called Patriots were able to convince America that Obama was a communist for trying to stop sending our jobs to a communist nation! Thank Fox "News."As I state these indisputable facts, I remember a parable of Jesus where his seeds of knowledge sometimes do not fall upon fertile soil. One look at the scathing personal attacks upon myself and honorable writers such as Mr. Martens, Mr. Rowe, Mr. Ruskovich, and many others printed in the opinions makes me wonder if all effort is in vain in this Republican stronghold that owes great thanks to Democratic principles such as managing our environment with respect.These critics brand themselves as principled Christians, as well as geoligical experts, etc. However, as they leave church after their Sunday sermon on helping and giving mercy to the poor and needy, they vote to stop unemployment benefits to the poor and needy because they are lazy and need to get a job despite the fact that the one they had was sent to China by the GOP. These so-called Christians preach the Ten Commandments such as "Thou Shall not Kill," then vote to "stay the course" whenever and wherever there is a war. I prefer to ignore these ignorant hypocrites as much as possible, and consider the source.

There has been a lot of controversy over the extension of the recent Bush Tax Cuts. The GOP hijackers held the extension of unemployment benefits ransom until Obama caved in. It looks like the GOP scored yet another victory. For you Republicans celebrating, consider this: Your unfunded Bush Tax Cut (stimulus) for the rich costs more than the Obama Stimulus package that you all went berserk over. Consider also that the unemployed paid into unemployment benefits all their lives only to have the GOP deprive them of their PAID FOR benefits.Lastly, let us not forget why they are unemployed to begin with! AGAIN, 50 million more industrial jobs imported to China by the GOP during GWB's 8 years, while China imports us back their junk in return.

Suddenly, after we have "outsourced" 70 percent of our indurstries, and most of our jobs to China at the hands of the GOP, we act astonished, and have the nerve to ask "where's the jobs?" Poetic, aint it? Of course, even though Obama was not even in office when this happened, it is still his fault according to the GOP, in addition to at least 6 out of 7 signs of the apocalypse. Granted, he is a spineless coward, but he sure was good at convincing us that he would bring us "change." Yes, another bought and paid for politician and professional liar.Republicans preach that tax breaks to the rich spur the economy, as well as tax breaks to Corporate America for exercising their patriotic rights to do as they please unimpeded by Government Control (except for when they need a bailout). OK then, why has it not worked? Perhaps we have not sent enough jobs overseas? Let's send 5 million more jobs over and see if that helps? Simple Republican math; the more you subtract from something, the more you get!

Perhaps we have not given the rich enough of a tax break? According to Dewey, Chetum, and Howe, if we triple the Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthy to $2 trillion, we will spur the ecomomy by 300 percent! As far as the bill goes, I have heard from a good source that if you send the deficit over to British Petrolem, they can make it disappear quicker than Democrats in the House after Nov. 2!Lastly, we in Idaho have nothing to worry about. With being a "Right to Work" state, we are insulated from our Nation's demise. If you are out of a job here, pre-paid airfare to China will fulfill your right to work (I think). Better call Butch and see. Tell him I sent ya. You Betcha!

Jimmy Pappas is a Coeur d'Alene resident.

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