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KIDS: Spread holiday cheer

| December 17, 2010 6:34 AM

This came from Iris' House Pre-school:

How do you make someone happy and spread Christmas cheer?

Macey (4 years): I would give them presents. I would share marshmallows for them to eat.

Jack (4 years): Be their friend.

Boston (4 years): I would share a car with them. I think that would make them happy.

Daeja (4 years): I would give them new boots. That makes me happy.

Kyle (3 years): You can give other people toys and food, like Vienna Crackers.

Ben (4 years): Bring them a cookie, a toy car and a fake glass of milk.

Emma (4 years): I would sing them a song. A princess song.

Ava (4 years): I would give them toys if they were a kid and grown-ups would get a phone.

Grayson (4 years): Give them a present. If they are a grown-up you could give them a bottle of wine. If they are kids, I'd give them a Batman.

Ellie (3 years): Give them a lollipop or you can make presents for them to make them happy. I share my chocolate from my calendar.

Silas (5 years): Give them a candy cane or a present. If they are a grown-up I'd give them a hot tub.

Thought you might enjoy some Christmas cheer through the eyes of my pre-schoolers!


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