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Youth Sports, Dec. 15, 2010

| December 15, 2010 8:00 PM


Six members of the North Idaho XC team completed against the best runners in the nation at the Junior Olympic cross country national championship Dec. 11 in Hoover, Ala., and three of them -Riley Fowler, Luke English and Emily Callahan - earned All-American status for finishing in the top 25 of their age groups.

Competing at the 3 kilometer (1.8 miles) distance in the girls age 10 and under race, Riley Fowler finished 20th, Bailey Swoboda 30th and Bridget Riekin 44th out of 224 runners.

Luke English, competing in the same division and distance on the boys side, was just as impressive. Luke placed 14th out of 248 runners and was the top finisher from North Idaho.

Emily Callahan competing in the girls age 11-12 division and racing the 3-kilometer distance, finished 18th out of 264 runners.

Jackson Ricks, competing in the boys age 11-12 division, was caught in a huge pack of runners, and fought his way back to an impressive 38th-place finish out of 278 runners. Jackson ended up being the fourth-fastest 11-year-old runner to cross the finish line.


River City Lanes


HIGH GAMES - Dan Schaefer 198, Tyler Orth 169.

HIGH SERIES - Dan Schaefer 519, Tyler Orth 482.

HIGH GAME - Cassandra Worley 165.

HIGH SERIES - Savahnnah Stocker 424, Kelly McCartney 369.

HIGH GAMES - Dylan Sears 157, Ira Fernandez 138.

HIGH SERIES - Dylan Sears 380, Ira Fernandez 360.

HIGH GAMES - Natalee Findley 133, Dinah Seymour 132.

HIGH SERIES - Natalee Findley 357, Dinah Seymour 339.


HIGH GAMES - Cassidy Peacock 108, Holden LaMastus 82.

HIGH SERIES - Cassidy Peacock 205, Holden LaMastus 158.

HIGH GAMES - Tannis Iverson 66, Veronica Peacock 62.

HIGH SERIES - Tannis Iverson 131, Veronica Peacock 115.

Sunset Bowling Center


HIGH GAME - Corbin Staaben 199.

HIGH SERIES - Corbin Staaben 537.

HIGH GAME - Leah Anderson 233.

HIGH SERIES - Leah Anderson 571.


HIGH GAMES ?? Danom Smith 237, Cameron Dominguez 236, Dylan Lunsford 225.

HIGH SERIES - Dylan Lunsford 613, Trevor Bricca 566, Sean Stan 563.

HIGH GAMES - Robyn Prescott 189, Chelsie Delcomte 180, Suzanna Kenoyer 155.

HIGH SERIES - Robyn Prescott 492, Chelsie Delcomte 434, Victoria Howell 423.

HIGH GAMES - Joey Bates 141, Timothy Blaski 130, Trevor Mckinley 130.

HIGH SERIES - Trevor Mckinley 370, Timothy Blaski 353, Kameron Morgan 344.

HIGH GAMES - Mckenna Henderson 130, Maggie Cabill 106, Josie Gavin 100.

HIGH SERIES - Mckenna Henderson 340, Josie Gavin 263, Maggie Crabill 243.


HIGH GAMES - Jordan Gerdes 73, Isaiah Hachenberger 71, Destin McWilliams 70.

HIGH SERIES - Destin McWilliams 185, Jordan Gerdes 162, Isaiah Hachenberger 118.

HIGH GAMES - Makayla Gerdes 53, Daphnee Hammond 44, Sophia Lamm 34.

HIGH SERIES - Makayla Gerdes 125, Daphnee Hammond 105, Kylee Morgan 79.



Dec. 11

2nd Grade Scores Sponsored by Super 1 Foods

AE/SLE Dribblers 12 - GE Bears 28

(AE) Merrill Smith 2pts, Chase Simon 4pts, Alex Drake 6pts

(GE) Damian Firkins 10pts, Cole Bowman 4pts, Trevor Lewis 2pts, Cole Strietzel 2pts, Carson Seay 10pts

BKE Cheetahs 22 - JBE Fireballs 25

(BKE) Cole Pettit 4pts, Reily Siegford 14pts, Sydnee Hostetler 4pts

(JBE) Andy Fagerlie 2pts, Hunter Panell 2pts, Scott Pote 9pts, Magee Pankoke 10pts, Marx Cadwalader 2pts

TLE Longhorns 26 - BKE Rim Rattlers 29

(TLE) Jared Rings 10pts, Tommy Pearson 4pts, Grant Roth 4pts, Ammon Munyer 8pts

(BKE) Nicki Zubaly 2pts, Dawson Lee 6pts, Aaron Horne 2pts, Daniel Smith 4pts, Ashley Smith 2pts, Kadin Craner 2pts, Montana Zevenberger 11pts

3/4th Grade Boys Scores

Dickinson Insurance 29 - T-Shirt Boy 4

(DI) Jared Roth 5 points, James Kelly 4pts, Wyatt Dickinson 6pts, Sheldon Kistler 4pts, Caleb Dietz 2pts, Skyler Allen 10pts

(TSB) CJ Moore 2pts, Nicholas Knowles 2pts

McDonalds 0 - Taylor Made Landscaping 23

(TML) Carter Williams 4pts, Jaret Taylor 8pts, Jensen Dohn 4pts, Scott Freitas 1pt, Josh Roberts 6pts

Rathdrum Parks and Rec 7 - Defensive Edge 16

(RPR) Harrison Kiefer 1pt, Justin Dennison 2pts, Travis Derrick 2pts, Max Arno 2pts

(DE) Parker Lee 2pts, Bridger Peterson 2pts, Dylan Kluss 2pts, Joel Zaken 6pts, Mason Davis 4pts

AMC Express 28 - Legends sports Photography 14

(AMC) JT Wilfong 4pts, Dawson Cramer 12pts, Chase Gordom 6pts, Luke Gaylor 2pts, Nicholas Probst 4pts

(LSP) Ben Zubaly 10pts, Scott Hutchison 2pts Keaton Whitehead 2pts

Girls Scores

The UPS Store Post Falls 2 Lakeland Family Dental 16

(TUPS) Shayna Weitzel 2pts

(LFD) Emily Grove 2pts, Alaina Pruitt 6pts, Keely DeVore 4pts, Taylor Elpers 4pts

Scotts Garage 0 - Country Log Furniture 12

(CLF) Amanda Rohde 4pts, Kaylee Higbee 4pts, Ashlynn Allen 4pts

Honey Bucket 2 - The UPS Store 14

(H) Kourtney O'Neal 2pts

(U) Alicia Edelblute 6 pts, Hailey Tingey 2 pts, Shayna Weitzel 6 pts

Sign Service 30 - Hawks 4

(S) Makenzie Dean 12 pts, Jordan Fuhr 4 pts, Shae Zeimantz 6 pts, Zoe Potter 2 pts, Charlize Crowe 6 pts

(H) Kennedy Williams 4 pts



Dec. 11

K-1st Grade

American Fence Company Brown: Cooper Horton- 4 pts, Eli Knight-6 pts, Kate Moorcroft-2 pts, Codey Pierce-4 pts

American Fence Company Royal: Caden Diamond-2 pts, Ethan Sayler-2 pts, Andrew Stockham-10 pts

Fred's Plumbing Light Blue: Trenton Fulkerson-2 pts, Mason Hanock-2 pts, Andrew Kammarcal-2 pts

Fred's Plumbing Maroon: Brodie Beebe-4 pts, Gage Pleas-8 pts, Grayson Sylte-12 pts

Hayden Vision Source Forest: Molly Cox-6 pts, Amelia Potee-2 pts

Hayden Vision Source Yellow: Connor Norris-4 pts

Liquidation Auto Group Grey: Quinton Duce-6 pts, Grace Layton-2 pts, Cameron Olson-4 pts, Rand Worman-2 pts

Liquidation Auto Group Navy: Amy Corette-4 pts, Brady Cronister-2 pts, Cade Prado-2 pts, Wayne Queen-6 pts

Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry Kelly: Steven Ball-4 pts, Kobe Miller-8 pts, Jack Shrontz-2 pts

Nipp Insurance Red: Carson Barnett-2 pts

Pinnacle Physical Therapy Black: Brayden Bengtson-26 pts, Mason Groth-2 pts

Pinnacle Physical Therapy White: Taleya Jones-2 pts; Shane Neirinckx-2 pts

2nd Grade

Dr. Dance Dentistry for Kids Blue: Andrew Averett-4 pts, Braden Brown-4 pts, Jackson Gatten-8 pts; Cooper Larson-2 pts; Noah Morton-4 pts

Dr. Dance Dentistry for Kids White: Jacob Donavan-7 pts, Grace Gwin-2 pts

Idaho Hand & Upper Extrimity Therapy Forest: Hudson Gilbert-8 pts, Grant O'Brien-8 pts

Idaho Hand & Upper Extrimity Therapy Royal: Brayden Booth-8 pts, Kyler Haynes-8 pts, Kianna Nelson-2 pts, Christopher Swider-12 pts

Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry Kelly: Melissa Cogley-6 pts, Justice Leonard-Rowland-16 pts, Brad Passick-4 pts

Nipp Insurace Navy: Alexis Blankenship-2 pts, Macalister Severns-8 pts, Charles Vedder-2 pts

Noodle Express Black: Darren Bailey-2 pts, Dillon Cayko-10 pts; Nick Giordanella-8 pts, Jace Singer-8 pts

Noodle Express Red: Marcus Butler-14 pts, Kaidin Garrett-2 pts, Kendall Pickford-6 pts, Phoebe Schultze-2 pts, Owen Smith-28 pts




Cannon Hill Industries -Dylan Ray 4, DJ Wattam, Justin Gies, Dylan Brum, Jakob Peterson 2. Hagadone Directories - Jared Hoffman and Dawson Gilbert 4. Dr. Dance Dentistry - Cameron Dance 9, Gavin McLuskie 6. Yates Funeral Home - Payton Spencer 6, Connor Sundstrom and Brayden SUndstrom 4, Austin Schmidt 2. Lake City Booster Club - Devon Johnson 10, Connor Dixon 8, Ryan Morford 4, Logan Jeanselme and Conor O'Shea and Gavin Karst 2. Cannon Hill Industries - DJ Wattam 4. Roletto Law Office - Sam Putren 4, Ethan Runge, Hunter Brett, Tom Jaeger Sam Yankoff 2. Dr. Dance Dentistry - Cameron Dance 8, Gavin McLuskie 4, Owen Hughes 2. Yates Funeral Home - Braydon Sundstrom 20, Jayden Johnson 4, Noah Bakken, Thomas Schmidt, Austin Schmidt, Jacob Pratt 2. Hagadone Directories - Dawson Gilbert and Brennen Crawford 4, Jared Hoffman 2. Pita Pit - Caleb Markowski 4, Brandon West, Jack Willhite, and Orion Cohen 2. The Repo Shack - Mayson Whittaker 10, Landon Vergeer 8, Amaya Giovanelli 4, Todd Callaghan 2. Hagadone Directories - Dawson Gilbert 8, Brennen Crawford and Jared Hoffman 4, Jacob Overoye and Matias Crespo 2. Roletto Law Office - Cody Martel 4, Sam Putren 2 and Hunter Brett 2. Dr. Dance Dentistry - Cameron Dance 6, Owen Hughes 3. Lake City Booster Club - Conner Dixon 8, Conor O'Shea and Devon Johnson 4, Logan Jeanselme and Ryan Morford 2.


Interstate Office Supply - Braden Mead, Jake Self, Jackson Davenport, Dylan Bengtson, Cross Pilgrim 2. Knudtsen Chevrolet - Jack DuCoeur 6, Luke Hay 4, Mickey Howard and Christian Cheyne 2. Point West Landscape - Lucas Briner 6, Alex Garcia, Max Wester 4, Nathan Herndon, Ian Fleming, Jackson Bergmann 2. Waste Management - Logan Parks 10, Bennett Cunningham 4. Point West Landscapes - Ian Fleming 4, Alex Garcia, Nathan Herndon 2, Max Wester 1. Interstate Office Supply - Dylan Bengtson 9, Cody Davenport 4, Jacob Self and Braden Mead 2. Arbor Pro Lawn & Tree Care - Nick Pierce 12, Brock Mills 4, Ben Meade 2. Knudsten Chevrolet - Jack DuCoeur, Luke Hay, Mickey Howard, Christian Cheyne 4, Bridger Lambert 2. Cd'A Oddfellows - Tyler Baird and Anthony Davis 4, Jorden Moe 3, Tanner Bogar 2. Interstate Office Supply - Braden Mead and Dylan Bengtson 4, Jacob Self and Jackson Davenport 2. Knudtsen Chevrolet - Jack DuCOeur 8 and Christian Cheyne 4. Point West Landscape - Max Wester 6, Alex Garcia 4 and Ian Fleming 2.


Big Bear Landscaping - Colvin Dunteman 8, Cody Fitz 6, Cody Chilton, Jeffrey Guzman, Chance Mueller 2. Avalanche Insurance Agency - Austin Widener 9, Michael Cheyne 4, Henry Matous and Quentin Gonzales 2. Treescapes - Hunter Schaffer 10, Justin Do and Benji White 2. Thorco - Caleb McLuskie 6, Zack Leens 4, Dyllan Vasseur 1. Avalanche Insurance Agency - Gabe Markowski 8, Camen Bowling and Austin Widener 6. English Funeral Chapels k- Chandle Johnson 5, Austin Mitchell and Logan Hendron 2. Big Bear Landscaping - Tyler Mueller 5, Cody Chilton 4, Jeffery Guzman and Colvin Dunteman 2.


Ironman CDA - William McElver 6, Alec Baughman 5, Christian Howard 2. Grace Tree Service - Chase Durbin, Konar Skindlov, Brock Tanya, Tim Narolski 6, Shawn Haskin 5, Kevin Haskin and Joey Jeske 2. Integrated Personnel - Taran High 9, Liam Romasko 6, Anthony Olvera and Aleczander Hamilton 4, Dru Ed Stuckel 1. Cd'A Press - Dylan Shaffer 16 and CJ Morris 4, Dalin Johnson and Omar Tippetts 2. Cd'A Press - Dylan Shaffer 15, Zac Hollen 6, CJ Morris 5, Joseph Cousins 4, Dallin Johnson 2, Omar Tippetts 1. Ironman CDA - William McElver 12, Alec Baughman 3, Daniel Torres 1. Integrated Personnel - Aleczander Hamilton 10, Anthony Olvera 3. Grace Tree Service - Shawn Haskins 14, Joey Jeske 8, Chase Durbin and Konar Skindlov 6, Chase Mitchell 6, Sean Chilson 4, Tim Narolski 5.


Fort Ground Grill - Parker Gabrielson 15, Logan Spinelli 12, Chase Sanchez 11, Shay Hannigan-Luther 9, Danny Schramm 3, Colby Acuff 2. Tri-State Consulting Engineers - Jordan Spooner 15, Jacob Miller 14, Myles Mahaffey 13, Austin Quant 7, Spencer Syrcle and Connor Newby 5. Fort Ground Grill - Hayden Spivey 19, Parker Gabrielson 9, Danny Schramm 7, Jackson Miller 5, Logan Spinelli and Chase Sanchez 1. Tri-State Consulting Engineers - Jacob Miller 27, Myles Hahaffey 14, Connor Newby 9, Austin Quant 7, Jordan Spooner 4, Spencer Syrcle 3.


Coldwell Banker-Fred Sharp - Geneva Bengtson 8, Liberty Croutch 4, Shelby Sharp, Lili Hare, Madison Fernimen, Megan Corette 2. Mainstream Electric - Lily Hollibaugh 4, Kaylyn Jackson and Emily Damschen 2. Global Credit Union - Lizzie Scarlett 6. Cd'A Kiwanis Club Dribblers - Jaron Figueroa and Cierra Larson 8, Chloe Butler 2.


Eversons Jewelry - Emma Bohl and Lauren Rod 6. Panhandle State Bank - Alexis Ralls 10, Haley Hogan 8, Niketta Janoski and Emily Minerath 4, Elexys Wood and CeAnna Murphy 2. Solar Eclipse - Alyssa Bryson and Sarah Cobetto 2. Specialty Tree Service - Julie Schoener and Megan Simmons 2.


Heart Clinics Northwest - Haley Brostrom 4, Kailey Baughman, Rhiannon Upmeyer, and Olivia Veare 2. Mission Investment Fund - Mica Riendeau 6, Hailee SIron 2. North Idaho Business Journal - Karenza DuPuis 4 and Summer LePlay 2, Katelyn Morford 1. Cannon Hill Industries - Tiana Cydell 6, Ashleigh Prado and Nina Judd 2.


Lock Doctor - Courtney Priano and Danny Adams 4, Kathleen Yochum, Sammi Malin, and Chloe Falciani 2. Polin & Young Construction - Mae Alexander and Kelly Ruebke 6, Kasey Thomas, Kelly Thomas, and Emma McCormick 4, Katelyn Bronsell 2. North Idaho College - Taryn Horvath 13, Abby Arthur 9, Hannah Pack 4. Pita Pit - Ella Erwin and Aubrey Payne 4, Kyndal Mesenbrink and Isis Rich 2. Lock Doctor - Chloe Falciani 4, Danny Adams, Sammi Malin, Madelyn Lauritzen 2. Eversons Jewelry - Taytem Wolfe 14, Morgan Linder 10, Sara Tobin 6, Mili Atkins 2.

Open gym: An open gym for basketball, sponsored by the Coeur d'Alene Recreation Department, will be offered again this year during Christmas break at Woodland Middle School.

Dates are Dec. 20-23 and Dec. 27-31.

Times are as follows: Grades 9-12, 10 a.m.-noon; grades 6-8, noon-2 p.m., grades 3-5, 2-4 p.m.

On Dec. 24, open gym will be from 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

Post Falls River City Competitive League

Fourth-grade girls

Post Falls Elite Blue 27, North Idaho Hornets 19: Sydnee Rud had nine points, eight rebounds and seven steals for the Hornets. Hannah Riske had six points, five rebounds and seven steals, and Natalie Sell had eight rebounds and eight steals.

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