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THANKS: Purse lost, trust found

| December 15, 2010 9:00 PM

My daughter and her young family came up from Lewiston to visit us last weekend. Saturday morning, around 11, they went to Cabela's to purchase a few items. Upon leaving, they accidentally left her purse in the bottom of their shopping cart when they parked it in one of the outside return locations. They hadn't made it out of the parking lot when they realized they didn't have the purse, and immediately went back. There was one other new cart in the return location besides the one they had left, and the purse was nowhere to be seen.

After notifying everyone at Cabela's they could talk to, they left, planning on never seeing the purse again and having to close all her accounts and do all the necessary things to start over.

Within an hour, Cabela's called and said the purse had been turned in. Evidently, some great person had seen it in the empty cart and had brought it into the store. All the cash, credit cards, checkbooks, keys, etc. were still there, making my daughter's remaining stay much more enjoyable than it looked like it would be.

We sincerely would like to personally thank this great person for showing us all again what a great community this is to live in. Thank you and have a very Merry Christmas.


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