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Gifts from a health conscious Santa

by RD Coordinated Program in Dietetics University of Idaho & Seanne Safaii-Fabiano Ph.D.
| December 15, 2010 8:00 PM

What if Santa were a health nut? Putting his belly that 'shakes like a bowl full of jelly' aside, a health conscious Santa may think twice about the gifts he is offering this year. His list might look something like this:

For the busy family or friend who is always on the run, a cookbook focusing on quick healthy meals is a great gift idea. Two of Santa's picks might be Great Food Fast, from Dietitians of Canada or (my favorite) Simply Colorado from the Colorado Dietetics Association. Both contain easy-to-prepare recipes with short cooking times as well as nutrition information. I love them because they promote quick, but healthy meals.

If you have a vegetarian-to-be on your list, how about the book Becoming Vegetarian: The Essential Guide to A Healthy Vegetarian Diet by V. Melina and B. Davis. This book is a great introduction to vegetarian diets for all ages. It includes a nice chapter for vegetarian teens.

For the socially conscious person, how about donating to a local food bank, on their behalf? International programs are also in great need of donations this time of year for basic food.

A gym membership or fitness DVD's make great gifts for friends and family who like to work out. Try some of the new active video games for the x-box and Wii. They force players off the couch and on to the floor to burn calories. There are some great new dance games out this year.

As for great gadgets, how about a pedometer? A pedometer counts each step a person takes and the distance they've walked. They make perfect presents for someone who's trying to be more active and needs a little push. Everyone should own a pedometer!

Sunglasses make great stocking stuffers. They play a vital role in health all year-round by protecting the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. If you're thinking of sunglasses for Christmas (and they are great holiday gifts for all ages!), make sure they're labeled as offering UV protection.

I love getting food gifts. Gifts in a jar such as soups, drink mixes, cookie mixes, etc., are a wonderful food gifts that you can assemble at home and add your personal touches. Here is a website with great "gift in a jar" recipe ideas:

Lastly, for the person who has everything, fruit baskets are always fun to receive and definitely promote the message of health. You can never go wrong with colorful baskets of oranges, apples and bananas.

Now what are we going to do about that belly Santa?

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