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Briefs December 15, 2010

| December 15, 2010 8:00 PM

Second Tankovich seeks new trial

COEUR d'ALENE - An attorney for William M. Tankovich Jr., one of two brothers found guilty by a jury in October for a hate crime, has filed documents in District Court seeking a new trial.

Public defender Chris Schwartz cited what he considers improper conduct by the presiding juror during the deliberations, arguing it violated his client's right to a fair trial. Schwartz argued that the presiding juror intimidated another and tainted the deliberation process.

Tankovich and his brother, Frank J. Tankovich, were found guilty of felony counts of conspiracy to commit malicious harassment and malicious harassment. Sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 13.

Schwartz said in court documents that the verdict, handed down Oct. 28, should be vacated and a new trial scheduled. A hearing on his motion is set for Jan. 7.

Frank Tankovich's lawyer also is seeking a new trial for his client, which The Press reported Tuesday.

Nampa man swerved into traffic

BOISE (AP) - A 28-year-old Nampa man is charged with felony DUI after swerving into oncoming lanes, running a Boise police officer off the road.

Boise police arrested Sheridan R. Swenson shortly after 3 a.m. Tuesday.

Spokeswoman Lynn Hightower says the officer saw a pickup truck swerve out of the southbound lane into the path of the northbound patrol car. The officer was forced to swerve off the road to avoid a head-on collision.

The officer turned around and stopped the pickup as it continued traveling in the wrong lane.

Swenson is charged with his third DUI and driving without a license, which had been suspended after a previous DUI arrest. He is also charged with carrying a concealed weapon while under the influence of alcohol after the officer found a loaded gun in the pickup's center console.

SEC suspends trades of Alternate Energy securities

BOISE (AP) - The Securities and Exchange Commission has suspended trading of securities of Alternative Energy Holdings, Inc., an Idaho company that wants to build a nuclear reactor.

The federal securities regulator took suspended trading through Dec. 28 due to questions it has "about the accuracy and adequacy of publicly disseminated information concerning...the stock sales of certain AEHI officers."

The SEC also has questions about the status and viability of the company's funding, as well as its executive compensation.

The small Eagle, Idaho company has been trying to win approval to build a nuclear reactor at several locations in southern and western Idaho, including Payette County.

Dan Hamilton, a spokesman, says the company wasn't warned of the suspension, but looks forward to an opportunity to answer SEC questions.

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