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ABUSE: Punishment should fit the crime

| December 15, 2010 9:00 PM

The story about those twin girls is devastating! I cannot believe that someone would honestly do that to a child and how could someone else have not come forward sooner?

These people need to be given all they can get. It was not just a small thing they did. Those girls had probably not been out of that room in weeks. Plus, in an apartment someone who was on either side of that wall could have smelled the smell all the way into their own home. This is horrible.

The worst part of it all is that their own mother does not feel that she is in the wrong. What mother in her right mind tells apart her children by their injuries? Those poor babies are probably so messed up; how are they ever going to live a normal life?

This kind of abuse is what does damage to a child and once it is done it is so hard to reverse the effect of child abuse. Someone has a heart and blessed those babies with the gift of a better life. Away from their mother and grandmother. At least those little girls will get to have a Christmas away from their disgusting room they are locked constantly.

This is one thing nobody should stand for and someone needs to make an effort to keep those girls away from their mother forever. Good job to the person who swallowed their pride and came forward!



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