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Remember Pearl Harbor

| December 8, 2010 8:00 PM

Sixty-nine years ago today, President Franklin Roosevelt made his stirring "day which will live in infamy" speech before Congress, marking the declaration of war that became our country's entry into World War II.

Many of that era of our veterans are now passed, so it was a great honor to visit with Ray Garland, 88, who served with the Marines aboard the USS Tennessee on that fateful day in 1941. Ray was just 19 years old when the bombs hit the USS Arizona, which was just 75 feet from where he was aboard his battleship in Pearl Harbor.Another story was shared by my lifelong friend Starr Sigler Shewey about her father. The late Tex Sigler was onboard the USS California when the attack in Pearl Harbor took place. He was mistakenly declared missing and presumed killed in action. His family held a funeral although his mother refused to believe he was gone. A few months later Tex was reported alive and well and aboard the USS Boston fighting in the Solomon Islands. It seems his name appeared on a list of the Navy dead because he was assigned to burial duty, which is how the error on his status was made. Incredible story and incredible legacy of service all of those at Pearl Harbor sixty-nine years ago have left us.

***A couple of years ago, during the big snowstorms of December, I finally got around to joining Facebook and have since come to really appreciate the connectivity it provides. The majority of my "friends" are local and often generous about letting me share in this column items they've posted.

Here's what I recently posted on Sam Inman's Facebook wall, "Sam, for what it's worth and there's not a prize or anything but you became my 1,000th facebook friend on the last day of November. I think that means you have to get me a Christmas present and name a child or a dog after me. :)" We'll see how that works out. Facebook Status Report of the Week from Taryn Hecker-Thompson: "Why do snowpants rip so easily? I had to do two duct tape repairs on Bailey's today. Maybe they should just make snowpants out of duct tape." Since Taryn made Bailey and Faith's elf costumes last Christmas by using a stapler instead of a sewing machine, I'm thinking duct tape snow pants should be a breeze for Mrs. Thompson.

***I love going out several times between now and the first of the year to watch the eagles soar on the east end of Lake Coeur d'Alene. This year there seem to be more kokanee than there are eagles but it's still a bit early. Sunday morning the fog on the lake and icy coating on the trees and rocks made for a glorious visual. I liken eagle watching to the northern Idaho winter version of stopping to smell the roses. Good for the soul.Another phenom are the number of photographers with huge lenses on big cameras with tripods. My husband always shakes his head when I start admiring the equipment, calling it "lens envy."

***Today the always beautiful Tammy Schneider celebrates her birthday along with Kelly Ferguson, Randy Haddock and Becky McIntire Boifueillet. Tomorrow send a greeting to Tammie Peacock and Cecilia Fehling. On Friday the ageless and tireless Dick Wandrocke celebrates his 77th with fellow Dec. 10 Birthday Club members Shannon Brown Clark and Richard Carlson. On Saturday if you're out at Carrousel Tree Farm in Cougar Gulch, wish Don White a happy 80th birthday. Don served with the Marines in Korea. Other Saturday birthday celebrants are Aleta English of CHS Class of '70 fame, Amy Roth, Katrina Mayer and Kym Hamby. Another CHS '70 classmate, Mary Sanderson, along with CHS '69 alumn Monte Miller (turning the big 6-0), John Austin and Ryan Bronson have 12/12 birthdays. Brian Golly and Denise Higgs blow out their candles on Monday and on Tuesday Eve Knudtsen, CHS '70 alum Sybil McCormack and Amber Englebrecht mark their birthdates.

***THERE'S MORE ... at More Main Street see photos of people and places and tips/photos of viewing the eagles this time of year at Higgens Point. Access More Main Street under the columns tab at www.cdapress.com. Listen to Main Street Monday on KVNI AM1080.

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