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DALTON: Kids' safety top priority

| December 5, 2010 11:51 AM

We the parents of Dalton Elementery students received notice that Dalton Gardens plans to issue citations for parents, picking up their children after school. This warning came direct from councilman Roberge. We wait in a line of vehicles to safely pick up our children. If we cannot do this then what are we to do? Shall we have them walk on snow filled streets with no sidewalks?

The fact is this: No plan or effort has been made to assist us in safely picking up our children. This type of poor leadership reflects the lack of concern for elementary school children and their safety. Just think, they were elected to lead responsibly and instead they threaten over 600 families with citations. No effort for planning, contingency, or safety of children.

All parents involved only want to transport their children.These entrusted officials have openly threatened to cite parents who are trying to pick up school children. They cannot even produce a plan to replace the current situation and don't even pretend to be concerned for the safety and welfare of these children. This sort of irresponsible leadership is a concern for all.

Perhaps instead of threats of citations and a lack of concern for child safety, these entrusted officials could establish a plan for the safe recovery of our children. It would just be more impressive to produce a result that works instead of threaten parents who yes, are guilty of picking up their children from school.


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