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KEC: Toasting excellent service

| December 1, 2010 9:00 PM

We were just enjoying the evening, watching HDTV and surfing high-speed Internet when blam the lights go out. Suddenly our electric-centric life changed from glee to fear that we were going to freeze to death.

A quick check out the window showed lights across the lake so we knew it was not a widespread outage. We reached for the Droid, our last connection to the world and went to the KEC website. There were no messages indicating an outage so we entered our phone number to register one.

It was not very long before we saw searchlights from a KEC crew. Up and down the streets they went looking for the problem. The search ended right in our front yard.

Now I know some will just say it is their job, but that night we had single digit temperatures and blizzard conditions. The work crew climbed a pole and performed some repairs in that howling wind while we watched from our semi-warm home with a glass of wine. The lights came on soon after, allowing us to have a safe and warm night's sleep. So whoever it was that fixed our power, cheers to you!



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