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JOBS: It's not a presidential issue

| April 30, 2010 10:00 PM

Regarding Carol Morales job search. I fully sympathize and understand your frustration at the job fair you recently attended. You've done so much to enhance your qualificatins and you're to be commended. The job situation is indeed sad.

That being said, however, I feel it fair to point out that the accusation toward former President Bush is not founded in reality. He never promised jobs, unlike what President Obama did during his campaigning; was it 5 million? The bottom line is that the president does not and can not create jobs.  He can influence circumstances surrounding business and industry that will help their profit margin and enable them to expand and do more hiring. Lately that hasn't been the policy. 

Big businesses are being blamed for the soft job market, but in view of the taxes that loom on the horizon, they've taken a "wait and see" attitude. When's the last time a poor person hired anyone?  They need to show a profit in order to expand and hire. That's the basis of capitalism, which our country was founded on. 

Face it, we all want to work, earn and prosper. I wish you well in your job search; you deserve some good luck.



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