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IMMIGRANTS: Call in the National Guard

| April 30, 2010 10:00 PM

Have you been following the illegal immigrant problem in Arizona? It’s out of control. The politicians in Arizona have been calling for Obama to send the National Guard down there to help stop the flow of criminal illegals into the state. All they get is a deaf ear.

It’s a shame that Obama has turned his back on the law-abiding citizens of Arizona because of politics. The Democrats are afraid they will lose the Hispanic vote if they do anything to stop the illegals from coming across the southern border. It’s the job of the United States government to protect its citizens from these criminal illegals, not to play politics.

Now it looks like Arizona took the law into their own hands and will enforce their own immigration policy with a new law it just passed. First thing out of Obama’s mouth was to criticize the new law. Wake up Mr. President and send the National Guard to the border. The citizens of Arizona need protection, not politics.


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