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GUNS: Administration poses a real threat

| April 30, 2010 10:00 PM

Bless N. Harper (Letters, 25 Apr 10), for his/her naivete, intentional or otherwise. I agree that there is no immediate threat -- yet — that gun ownership will be made illegal – IF it is attempted via Constitutional amendment. This administration, however, has already proven that it will work its will by whatever means necessary. 

Prime example:  "climate control" legislation by EPA fiat instead of laws passed by Congress.  Want another?  Fining people who opt out of ObamaCare, but calling that fine a "tax" and using the IRS to take the money by force. How about "taxing" guns or components at such a high rate -- through "interstate commerce" rulings that only criminals will have them by ignoring the "rules".  Thug politics trumps the Constitution every time, as long as our Congress is made up of gutless wonders who can't be bothered to even read what they pass — always in a great hurry.


Spirit Lake

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