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DOERS: Technical skills in short supply

| April 30, 2010 10:00 PM

When the temperature is zero and the wind is howling, it is snowing and your furnace goes out, you will be will be calling a journeyman HVAC specialist and not a college PhD.

Robots are programmed and repaired by technicians, not business majors, physicists or a chemists. There are 400,000 college grads out of work but there is a waiting line to have your automobile repaired.

Of course we need physicists, chemists and business majors but, this world runs on the smarts and muscle of doers, which are in short supply.Yes, there are PhDs and those with master’s degrees who can do both but, not many. Not nearly enough.

Only a very few know how to build a building, a road, or a pipeline. There has been broken promise after broken promise, there would be a technical school in the Coeur d'Alene area but so far it is all  talk, no action.

Some of us were lucky enough, or should I say poor enough, to have gone through an apprenticeship in the trades before or during matriculation through college.

Suppose we shot for a technical college with credit toward an intellectual avocation. At least  some of those of intellect will be able to support themselves and their families while pursuing their dreams.



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