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SCHOOLS: Demand adequate funding

| April 28, 2010 10:00 PM

My husband and I am the parents of two children in the Post Falls School District. We moved our family to Post Falls eight years ago because we care about our kids’ education and we wanted to be sure our son and daughter had the best educational opportunities possible. Eight years later I have to say… As an Idaho taxpayer and voter, I am angry at what Governor Otter, Superintendent Luna and the legislature have done to our public schools recently.

 I am frankly outraged that lawmakers chose to cut critical education funding when they had other options. I am irritated that our representatives continue to make irrational decisions about my children’s future.

Enough is enough! My kids deserve better and so does every other child in every community in this state. We must reinvest in our schools so that our children have the education they need to compete in the worldwide economy.

Press readers… Please join me by contacting your legislators and demanding that they step up, be the leaders they were expected to be, and support better funding for our schools!


Post Falls

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