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RESPONSE: Big oil pays big tax bill

| April 28, 2010 10:00 PM

Mr. Pappas if you’re so sick of watching the tea parties, turn off your TV and please give us your solution  on how to properly vent our frustrations  without resorting to the lies and false information that you yourself espouse.

 Exxon/Mobil’s total revenue for 2009 was $301 billion and contrary to your crybaby tantrums, paid $75,874,000,000 (that’s billions) in income tax, sales taxes and duties. They also employ more than 80,000 people in good paying jobs and this sir is a real plus for the American economy. If you don’t like the price of gas try using less of it. Move to Los Angeles or some city where you can ride public transportation. I rode the bus to work in Seattle 27 miles each way for 15 years, and it saves gas and money, a real solution I might add.

 Did you know that you can go to any emergency room in the USA and receive medical care even if you have no money?  Some people choose to spend their money on material things  instead of health care, or on cigarettes, booze and drugs and some are just bad parents period.  I always made med insurance a priority no matter what my income.  Its called being responsible for yourself.

Be informed that "rich" people provide most jobs and pay more than half of all taxes . Capitalism not Socialism is what made America Great. Remember this when your  diaper gets full.


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