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McEUEN: Plan leaves taxpayers speechless

| April 28, 2010 10:00 PM

Let’s see if I got this right. The LCDC is going to spend up to $100,000 on a study to see how to best use the park downtown. Where does the LCDC get its money?

Oh! I remember, from tax dollars of property in any of its corridors in Coeur D'Alene. So LCDC spends your tax dollars but you don't get to say yes or no because LCDC is not the city. And the company doing the study only has to answer to the LCDC so you don't get any real input to their deliberations.

The mayor is only offering $25,000 to this study so I guess she gets to put in some input. This means the city taxpayers are going to spend $125,000 or so to have some college boys tell them how to use your park downtown. Understand why I refer to you as CDA sheep? Cause 26% of you caused this and the rest kept on eating Bloem grass. I wonder how many of you can even read.


Coeur d’Alene

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