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IMMIGRANTS: New law a threat to all

| April 28, 2010 10:00 PM

Ah, the irony. President Obama has been called a socialist and a fascist among other names by right wing conservatives and the tea partiers.  And now the Arizona Republican-led legislature has passed a bill signed by the Republican governor of Arizona that harkens back to the days of fascist Germany and the Soviet Union.

 This bill allows police to stop anyone, at any time for no reason and demand their ID if they just happen to think they might be illegal immigrants.  If they do not have paperwork they can be arrested on the spot.

 I don't get it. I thought the Republicans were for less government power and now they have essentially turned Arizona into a police state. Even the governor of Arizona admits she doesn't know what an illegal immigrant looks like, but apparently she is confident the Arizona police do and that there will be no racial profiling.

 And state Senator Mike Jorgenson R-Hayden would like to see that law enacted in Idaho as well.  As if this area doesn't have enough of a reputation for bigotry.

Please, good citizens of Hayden, vote this man out of office. Do it before giving up more of your civil rights. Do it before you take a walk around the block some day without your ID and are stopped and asked for your papers, please.


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