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HAMMOND: Keep great team intact

| April 28, 2010 6:13 AM

You’ve probably seen the “team” ads for District 5 – Henderson, Nonini and Hammond. So what are we really getting with this team?

Well it’s not headlines that are self-serving. In fact, what the people of District 5 are getting is great representation. Although Rep. Henderson, Rep. Nonini and Sen. Hammond don’t always agree, what they do agree on consistently is listening and representing their constituents. They serve well by working together in the House and Senate. From a statewide view, we have one of the strongest and most respected legislations in the state.

In the May 25 primary election, Sen. Jim Hammond is in a three-way contested race. I believe in giving the voters a choice and I respect the men and women who put themselves out there to serve the people.  In the case of Sen. Hammond, we already have the best choice representing us and we need to make sure he has the opportunity to continue serving. 

The thing that is most impressive about Jim Hammond is he serves with integrity, consistency, and logic – always putting community results ahead of individual credit. He’s a quiet, yet highly effective leader.  Join me and vote for Sen. Hammond.


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