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The Front Row with MARK NELKE April 25, 2010

| April 25, 2010 9:00 PM

Following a minicamp last week, the Seattle Seahawks gave wide receivers Mike Williams and Reggie Williams, both former first-round picks who have struggled elsewhere in the NFL, another chance to play on a professional football team.

Why stop there?

Surprisingly, the Seahawks did not draft anyone named Williams this week, though they could have traded up and picked Oklahoma offensive tackle Trent Williams, who went to the Washington Redskins with the fourth overall pick. Or traded down to get Dan Williams, a defensive tackle from Tennessee who went to Arizona with the 26th pick.

(They likely passed on Damian Williams, a wide receiver from USC, taken by Tennessee in the third round, because they figured they were well-stocked with Williamses at the wideout position).

However, there must be some other Williamses out there they could bring in as well, in their attempt to return to the top of the NFC West after 4-12 and 5-11 seasons.

Here's some suggestions:

Aeneas Williams: The former Cardinals and Rams defensive back needs something else to be remembered by besides barreling in untouched on the blitz past troubled running back Lawrence Phillips and burying Steve Young on a Monday Night Football game in 1999, giving Young a concussion and effectively ending the career of the former 49ers quarterback.

Venus and Serena Williams: It might be a stretch to think either of them could stop the run, but at least their competitiveness might rub off on the rest of the Seahawks.

Mike T. Williams: The standout defensive end for Boise State (2005-08) suffered a torn ACL during his senior season at BSU, but is still looking for a job with an NFL team.

Kevin Williams and Pat Williams: However, the defensive tackles with the Minnesota Vikings might not be able to play early in the season. They're expected to find out in May if they'll each have to serve a four-game suspension for using a banned substance.

Al Williams: Hiring the North Idaho College athletic director would be a great PR move by the Seahawks, as his outgoing personality would help Seattle fans get excited for the season.

Rolly Williams: If NFL teams still put together basketball teams to play benefit games in their region during the offseason, you could do worse than hire the former NIC men's basketball coach to direct the Seahawk hoopsters.

Doug Williams: Sure, he's 22 years removed from carving up the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl, but the former Washington Redskins quarterback can probably still fling the football great distances. When he was with Tampa Bay, it was once said that Williams was the only person capable of overthrowing the Ayatollah.

Ricky Williams: No need to trade an entire draft for him like Mike Ditka once did in New Orleans, but the current Miami Dolphins running back still seems to have plenty of yards left in those legs. One stipulation: No interviews with his helmet still on.

DeAngelo Williams: The Carolina Panthers running back has a lot less mileage - and baggage - than Ricky.

Gregg Williams: Might be tough to lure the defensive coordinator from the Super Bowl champion Saints, but at least he'd be in familiar company in Seattle.

Robin Williams: If Seattle's draft picks and the running backs they traded for don't work out, at least Mrs. Doubtfire can lighten some of the pain.

Mark Nelke is sports editor of The Press. He can be reached at 664-8176, Ext. 2019, or via e-mail at

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