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ROBBED: Citizen seeks keepsakes

| April 25, 2010 10:00 PM

Sometime during the last week, my home in Post Falls was robbed. They took nearly everything in the house of value.

 The TV's and electronics can be replaced but unfortunately, many of the items they took cannot be.  It just amazes me that anyone could break into someone's home and help themselves to items that do not belong to them.  What possess someone to do this?  I hope they felt they needed the items much more than I do or that they are struggling to feed their family and needed the money for that purpose.

I am the director for a non-profit organization that focuses on drug and alcohol prevention for youth.  I devote every day to helping local kids and families so I know first hand the issues and crisis we are facing in our community.  That does not give anyone license to take what does not belong to them.

I am asking for help from our community. There are a couple of jewelry items that are unique and may be easy to spot in a pawn shop, etc.  The first is an ivory bracelet.  It is made of ivory squares connected with an elastic type band. Every other square has a seal carved in it. The other item is a marquee cut white sapphire ring with smaller stones on each side.

If anyone sees these items being sold somewhere, please contact me at 676-8293. They have great sentimental value to me and I would love to get them back.


Post Falls

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