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JOB FAIR: Where were the jobs?

| April 25, 2010 10:00 PM

I just have to say that the recent job fair has left a bad taste in my mouth. Three employers that didn't have jobs, two MLM (pyramid) "interviews,” and at least four more "jobs" of that type I didn't fall for (handbags, candles, makeup, natural energy drinks, etc.).

Someone should have been overseeing the companies signing up: 4,000 desperate, hopeful people, and CDA gives them employers with no open positions, scams, and fast food. Why even bother? As far as I could tell there were fewer than 50 actual jobs in the whole place. Who got money in their pockets for such a complete waste of time?

I am due to graduate in May with an AAS and four technical certificates; I have been looking for a job since November. Unfortunately it looks like I am going to have to go back to school so I can be better qualified for jobs that don't exist.

Can't blame Obama for this one, folks. This crisis started back before good ol' George Jr. was on his way out the door- December 2007 to be exact (according to the National Bureau of Economic Research), two full years before the end of his term! Obama's just been trying to clean up the mess ever since.

The candy was nice. A job would have been better.


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