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IDAHO: People still the best

| April 25, 2010 10:00 PM

I never cease to be amazed at letters to the editor which vilify anyone who does not wholly accept the liberal agenda. The same people refuse to put forth the effort to learn the truth about any individual topic!

 That being said, we find that the Idaho we knew as young people still exists. Last weekend my wife and I drove across the Rathdrum Prairie. While going North on Greensferry Rd., the cell phone rang. We stopped and pulled over as much as we could off the road just south of Hayden Rd.  I turned the flasher lights on so that anyone coming by would be sure to see us.  Within the next 10-15 minutes three different pickups slowed down and stopped to ask if we were alright.  What a wonderful area where people that you don't know care enough to help if there is a need!

 In the Letters to the Editor, it would be nice if this were the prevailing attitude.


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