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WARD: Belongs on new battlefield

| April 23, 2010 10:00 PM

 We are so privileged to have an Idaho leader in Vaughn Ward knocking at the door.

He may be from Eagle, but is a son of Idaho and will serve our District (1) United States Congress better than Raul Labrador. He can and will take the fight to Walt Minnick in the General Election. It is so evident from all my contacts with him he truly believes that our government should serve us, not Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

In my 25 years as a business manager I learned that my job was to react and implement the direction of our corporate leaders. But more importantly I learned as a Master Sergeant in the military that it took (1) Leadership, (2) Responsible Risk, (3) Very hard decisions, and finally (4) faith. This combination ended in success or failure. Including the lives of many others.

Vaughn possesses the first three qualities, and relies on a higher entity than himself to provide the last one…. Marine (Lieutenant Colonel) Leadership, then honed in business, MBA.

  I trust him and hope you will give him a chance to serve you on a different battlefield.


MSG US Army (Retired)


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