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PETS: Punish the cruel people

| April 23, 2010 10:00 PM

On behalf of STOP (Stop Torturing Our Pets) I would like to thank Senator Corder of the Idaho Senate Agricultural Committee for the attempt to revamp the entire Cruelty to Animals Bill, as Idaho is one of only four states in the nation without felony penalties for the worst cruelty and repeat offenders. Senator Corder used a taskforce which included animal welfare groups as well as almost all agricultural groups in Idaho.

All of the groups were in agreement with the final bill which protected normal, legal agricultural practices while providing badly needed updates to our antiquated cruelty laws. The Bill passed the Senate 34-1. Unfortunately it was killed by Representive Thomas Loerstcher of Iona by refusing to let it be heard in the House State Affairs Committee. (Shame on you  Rep. Loerstcher.)

If it had passed, it would not have been in time unfortunatly to prosecute as a felony the person or persons who intentionally tortured the little Jack Russell Terrier, Rugger from Weiser, who was found floating dead on the river, abused, ribs broken, rope burns legs tied with fishing line. It’s very troubling to think this person could also do this to another animal or a child next time. The Bill if passed would have gone into effect this July but now it will be 2011 before it can be brought up again.

We must get this updated bill passed. Please join STOP. For more info write We need your support to stop cruelty to animals.


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