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HEALTH BILL: Just see it for yourself

| April 23, 2010 10:00 PM

Elke Helmuth like so many other liberals won’t even consider the real facts, they insist on documentation to back up any claim that I might post as a negative toward the health care bill HR-4872.

The liberal position is that anything that they don’t want to agree with is fiction. I can’t believe the intellect that says all conservative views are wrong, false and should not be considered as a possibility. I am going to provide you with the government web site that has the Health Bill HR-4872 listed for your reading. To read for yourself the written health care bill, go to:

Now, the bill is very difficult to read as it was written by some very devious people, but, take your time and you’ll see what is really being proposed; it is incredible. Scroll down to page 58, “D” (here is the text)"enable the real-time (or near real-time) determination of an individuals financial responsibility at the point of service and to the extent possible, prior to service, including whether the individual is eligible for a specific service with a specific physician at a specific facility, which may include utilization of a machine-readable health plan beneficiary identification card; “E” enable, where feasible, near-time adjudication of claims. “F” provide for timely acknowledgement, response, and status reporting applicable to any electronic transaction deemed appropriate by the Secretary”. This section gives the Secretary the right to perform electronic transfers from your bank account that he/she deems appropriate and to determine if you are eligible for the service.

Now, go to page 1213 (ii) “penalty not to apply to failures corrected within 30 days - no penalty shall be assessed under sub-paragraph (A) with respect to any failure if - (I) such failure was due to reasonable cause and not to willful neglect”.

If there was willful neglect the fine will be considered an Excise Tax. The Secretary of the Treasury shall coordinate assessed penalties as if they were an Excise Tax. Any amount of penalty collected under this proposal shall be deposited as miscellaneous receipts in the Treasury of the United States. Wow, now doesn’t that sound like a slush fund, miscellaneous monies to a liberal is plain music to their ears. Hopefully whether you are liberal, independent or conservative you will take some time to actually read the Health Care Bill, it is difficult to read I’ll grant you that, but, we all need to know what is hidden inside this devious bill, it won’t make you happy. The sad part is that I have only listed two subjects when there are hundreds written into the bill.


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