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FILLIOS: Experience running businesses

| April 23, 2010 10:00 PM

Kootenai County has experienced unprecedented growth over the past decade. This growth has produced both new challenges to our infrastructure, employment and business community. The citizens of Kootenai need and deserve representatives who will deal with these challenges effectively and in a manner consistent with our  wishes and in our best interests.  

I believe that one candidate for County Commissioner, Chris Fillios, will serve the citizens of Kootenai with vision and integrity.

I have known Chris for several years. He is a man of commitment and action. He has volunteered countless hours of his time and talent through community organizations to improve the quality of life locally. He has extensive management experience both in the corporate world and as a small business owner. 

He is a man of common sense, with a comprehensive understanding of the issues that face Kootenai and a vision of how to best deal with them, including how to grow jobs while maintaining the beauty of the Northwest.

Perhaps his most outstanding qualification, however, is his integrity. I am confident that Chris will always vote his conscience, putting the interests of Kootenai County above special interests.  I urge everyone to vote for Chris Fillios on May 25th.


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