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Diapers for the Tea Party

by Jimmy Pappas
| April 23, 2010 9:00 PM

Let's send a truckload of diapers to the next Tea Party rally.

I can only speak for myself, but I am quite sick of watching these crybabies organizing infantile tantrums for the wrong cause.

I do understand the frustration people are feeling with our nation in economic ruin. Directing frustration in the proper direction in a civil and organized march is truly inspiring.

However, organizing hate and malicious lies, aiming them in an inappropriate direction, and offering no solutions is quite simply the definition of a disgraceful mob.

Presently, the GOP is trying to climb into bed with this mob because they have much in common: No solutions. They would rather destroy than create, and they hate the government except when they need it.

Presently, 200,000 homes are going into foreclosure every month in America. More than 46,000 people will die this year from inadequate or no health care. Our nation is $13 trillion in debt, and bankrupt. While the GOP wants to blame welfare, labor unions and raising taxes for everything, consider the following facts that have resulted from the Republicans deregulating any limits to Corporate Greed. Then decide who truly put us in this mess.

Do you like gas prices? Exxon made $400 billion in one year and paid no taxes. That's like you and me eating dinner with billionaires, and they leave us with the tab. Where was the Tea Party?

In the last 10 years Wall Street spent $5 billion on lobbyists. Gee, do ya think it paid off? Where was the Tea Party?

The upper 1 percent make more money than half of the nation, and get all the tax breaks compliments of the GOP. In fact, a very noted billionaire just summarized this equation very neatly: His secretary pays more taxes than he does. How do you like that? Where was the Tea Party?

This list could go on and on with the same common denominator: The GOP. This is the result of their handiwork, and what they represent. If you still deny this, then perhaps truth is an evolved taste? Perhaps a magic show is preferable where sleight of hand misdirects your attention from the reality toward the illusion? The GOP has made us pay to watch them pull our taxpayer money out of their hats. We get the rabbit.

One hundred people have dinner in a restaurant. Eighty-five love their meal, pay their tab and leave. Fifteen do not like their meal. Those are the ones you will hear complaining. Although there may be something wrong with the food, they blame the waitress. This is the Tea Party.

Jimmy Pappas is a Coeur d'Alene resident.

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